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Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog! It is my intention to post all sorts of information to educate and inspire you to learn a bit more, practice a bit more, play a bit more, love a bit more, and step into a wholehearted life.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog!

    1. Carol Costello

      I took you dance class at Kripalu on Dec. 28th and loved it! You mentioned you were going to post the song list on your blog. Please do or email it to me. It was a perfect variety of music and a great combination for 1 hour of active but gentile movement. I want to dance around my house for an hour ev, day, to that music! Can’t wait to see it posted. Many thanks. Carol C.

      1. Michelle Dalbec

        Carol – Better late than never, here it is! A new website, a new blog, a new learning … on how to post but it’s all straightened out now. The links are up and running. Just select the blog entry and then click on the links to get the PDF. I am so glad you enjoyed the music, enjoy!

    2. Michelle Dalbec

      Kathy – A slight delay in posting due to my brand new website and a tech-challenged yogini! But it is all straightened out now and the PDF’s are available as promised. Just select the blog entry and then click on the links to get the PDF, enjoy!

  1. Victoria Vandamm

    Hi Michelle,

    So happy to have found you!
    You are a very special person who touched my life for a space of time, but I have never forgotten you and, in fact, think of you often.
    It would be fun to practice with you sometime. YOU made me love yoga!
    Hope you are well.

    With lots of love and respect,



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